How to wear Jumpsuits: A Complete Style Guide for Every Budget (Part 1/5)

The jumpsuit is here to stay. Far from being that temporary trend back in 2010, celebrities, designers and even couturiers have adopted them as a modern go-to silhouette over the last few years.

I recently saw Delta Goodrem on the cover of InStyle Australia’s March 2014 wearing a striped monochrome Zimmermann jumpsuit. It reminded me of their effortlessness and charm. There’s a strong, androgynous interplay between masculine and feminine lines. Like ying and yang, they come together to create a mysterious, harmonious contradiction about the woman who’s wearing one.

Why wear jumpsuits?

  • They can be incredibly flattering on every body type if worn right
  • They can be so versatile that you can dress it up or down to wear it anywhere from during the day.. to the red carpet.
  • They’re classy as hell and really show off your confidence

Yet, jumpsuits can be tricky 😉 If you wear the wrong one for your body, they can make you look shorter or heavier. You just have to know how to wear them!

So, I scoured the internet for the best jumpsuits for every budget, ranging from $50 to over $1000. Call me crazy, but I looked at over 3000 jumpsuits to narrow down my favourites to create a detailed style guide for you.

Each part will address one price point and include my style tips. I hope it inspires you, and gives you ideas about what to look for when styling your jumpsuit.

Okay, let’s get started!

Part 1: Jaw-dropping Jumpsuits under $50 (Seriously!)

1. It’s all about balance. If the pants are relaxed, look for a tailored bustier. A beautiful pink also keeps things blush, feminine and effortlessly stylish to offset the masculine silhouette: Love Culture ($39).

2. Wear red to exude va va voom! Backless is sensual: Charlotte Russe ($29.99).

3. A V-neck halter style and cross-back is sexy, but the white hue and wide leg palazzo pants have an unmistakable elegance about them. The flowy fabric also skilfully hides bumps and elongates legs for the more petite gals: Necessary Clothing ($44.99).

4. This is the blue version of (1) – It’s so cute I had to: Love Culture ($39).

Jumpsuits under 50_2

5. Go for rich jewel tones to bring sophistication to the jumpsuit. The comfortable silhouette is offset by the spaghetti straps and the flirty ruffles: Forever New ($39.95).

6. Monochrome, houndstooth – timeless prints on a modern silhouette are risky but stylish. Accessorise with red, gold or neon to transform each look: SheLikes ($37).

7. If there’s something more timeless than (6), it’s black: flattering, elongating, minimalist but powerful. A low neckline leaves space for you to show off some skin and accessorise aplenty! Vero Moda ($50); similar ones at ASOS (slightly over at $55.45).

Jumpsuits under 50_3

8. Lace is always a winner for looking luxe. Even though Vanessa Hudgens is petite, see how the lace hugs her body to create a femme-fatale feel: Desire Clothing ($46).

9 and 10. Embellishments (at ASOS, $48.52) and cut-outs (by Charlotte Russe, $25) always add glamour, texture and interest to a piece of clothing. #Fabulous!

Now, let me know how you go, okay? 😉 Did this guide inspire you to try or update one? What tips do you have for styling them? I’d love to hear from you.

Move onto Part 2 for some more style tips and jaw-dropping jumpsuits just under $100… (Yes, alliteration makes me happy ;)).

Sending you boundless love and style,
Ray xoxo


9 thoughts on “How to wear Jumpsuits: A Complete Style Guide for Every Budget (Part 1/5)

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  5. This is deliciously exhaustive and comprehensive! The secret universe of possibility that is a jumpsuit is revealed 🙂 I think articles like this are what galvanise whole bunches of people who just haven”t yet been given that one charming, relatable informative article that got them to start their Jumpsuit/whatever-else-you’ll-examine-so-awesomely – Journey. Impressed!

    • Why thank you 😉 I wrote it because many women are scared to wear jumpsuits because of established fashion rules about who should wear them. With a little help and awareness of our own bodies and the silhouette of the jumpsuit, everyone can wear them and conquer one more style fear 😉 xoxo

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